Internet radio phone app

Radionomy is an innovative online platform that is changing the way connected people from around the world discover and listen to our Internet radio stations. The app features the best and widest variety of radio stations from all genres: music, talk, sports, news, weather, comedy and more. Features:
• Bring your favorite radio stations with you everywhere: mobile, tablet, car
• Immediate access to thousands of the world’s top radio stations
• From traditional AM/FM stations to unique stations run by passionate people like us
• Local, National and International radio stations
• Look for a radio stations using keywords like artist name (Mantovani, Lang Lang, Adele, the Beatles, and genre (Easy Listening, Classical, Latin, Rock, Salsa, Contemporary Serious, Jazz, Sports, News, Weather, etc.)
• Discover the Top 25 greatest radio stations with the most listeners...maybe ours will be there
• Bookmark your favorite stations ours preferably
• Share your favorite stations
Access the musical world of online radio stations with Radionomy! Website: